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everything will be alright
Lorena and Bill picspam. 
12th-Sep-2010 04:57 pm
May contain spoilers

See, I just loved the idea of putting a soundtrack to my first picspam. Yep, This is my first picspam, and I hope you'll all enjoy it. I'm not gonna write too much, because my english sucks. Yeah, it does. So... enjoy my Going Under Lorena/Bill Picspam. :)

Click here to listen Going Under.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
Fifty thousand tears I've cried.

Screaming deceiving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me.

Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once.

Not tormented daily defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom
I'm dying again.

I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm going under.

Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
So I don't know what's real and what's not

Always confusing the thoughts in my head
So I can't trust myself anymore.

So go on and scream
Scream at me I'm so far away
I won't be broken again
I've got to breathe I can't keep going under

I'm dying again. ♫
13th-Sep-2010 04:45 am (UTC)
oh this is gorgeous <3 the colouring is perfect! and i'm always going to be a fan of anything that takes bill away from sookie so she can be with eric lol. the song is perfect for the pictures you've chosen.
13th-Sep-2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
fabulous, I loved the shit out of lorena
14th-Sep-2010 11:26 am (UTC)
awesome picspam! wow, this is incredible especially when you listen to the song while looking at the picspam, it makes the caps seem so much more perfect.
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