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everything will be alright
Fanmix: Lucrezia/Cesare 
10th-Apr-2011 11:32 am

Download it here
This is my first fanmix, I don't know if it turned out as a good idea or if it's ok, but I had to make a fanmix for those two. I'm currently obsessed about The Borgias, and sure, I'm going to hell since I ship Lucrezia/Cesare harder than I live my life. I hope you guys enjoy it. 

Almost Lovers, A Fine Frenzy

"Your fingertips across my skin, the palm trees swaying in the wind. Images... You sang me Spanish lullabies, the sweetest sadness in your eyes. Clever trick. (...) Goodbye, my almost lover. Goodbye, my hopeless dream. I'm trying not to think about you, can't you just let me be?"

In My Veins, Andrew Belle

"Oh, you're in my veins, and i cannot get you out. Oh, you're all i taste at night inside of my mouth. Oh, you run away, cause i am not what you found. Oh, you're in my veins, and i cannot get you out."

Parachute, Ingrid Michaelson

"I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand. I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned. I won't tell anybody. Won't tell anybody that you turn the world around. I won't tell anyone that your voice is my favorite sound. I won't tell anybody. I don't need a parachute, baby if I've got you... Baby if I've got you, I don't need a parachute. You're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if I fall."

Dear God, Avenged Sevenfold

"Dear God the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much too far away. (...) I'm lonely and I'm tired and I'm missing you again. Oh, no. Once again."

Make You Feel My Love, Adele

"When the evening shadows and the stars appear, and there is no one there to dry your tears, I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love. I know you haven't made your mind up yet, but I would never do you wrong. I've known it from the moment that we met, no doubt in my mind, where you belong."

Who Am I To Say, Hope

"Love of my life, my soulmate. You're my best friend, part of me like breathing. Now you're a song I love to sing. Never thought it feels so free. Now I know what's meant to be, and that's okay with me."

Flying High, Jem

"Looking at you and you are looking at me and we both know what we want... hm, so close to giving in. Feel so nice, wish I could spend the night but I can't pay the price. I'm flying so high, high off the ground when you're around and I can feel your high rocking me inside. It's too much to hide."

You Belong To Me, Carla Bruni
"I'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too and blue. Fly the ocean in a silver plane. See the jungle when it's wet with rains. Just remember 'til you're home again: You belong to me."

What If, Safetysuit
"What if it makes you sad at me? And what if it makes you laugh now but you cry as you fall asleep? And what if it takes your breath and you can't hardly breathe? (...) And is it all my fault or can I fix it, please? Cause you know that I'm always all for you."

Your Gardian Angel, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

"I will never let you fall. I'll stand up with you forever. I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you it sends me to heaven.
10th-Apr-2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
so cute and lovely, beautiful, tender songs. Awesome!
11th-Apr-2011 02:35 am (UTC)
I'm glad you put another song besides "Stay" by Safetysuit on the mix. Also, I'm surprised you used A7X (<3 that band) Overall, interesting and diverse mix :) Good job!
15th-Apr-2011 08:36 pm (UTC)
I love them as well! Lovely cover art, btw. Found your LJ through googling C.L fanmix, so you were on the first page and BAM yaaay fanmix! <3 Thanks for posting.
19th-Apr-2011 01:51 am (UTC)
This looks so pretty~ and song selection looks really good :DD
5th-Oct-2011 01:57 pm (UTC)
I took an icon. Thank you!
31st-Oct-2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
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